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  • One finished project, One just started and One lone ankleless sock
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  • Sunday, January 15, 2006

    To keep me inspired, I was greeted by this, my order from Red Bird Knits in my mailbox. I love buying yarn from this online store. My sister and I first discovered this place at the craft show a few months ago. The yarns are always lovely and the shipping is fast. AND they're based in Toronto, but exist only online. I love it.

    Some progress, though not much, on Dann's first slipper. It's taking forever because usually I make these slippers from much thicker yarn, these I'm making from sock yarn. I picked sock yarn because it's so comfy and soft, and even though it's turning out to be much more work than I wanted it to be, I'm going to keep going.
    This is what it looked like when I was working on it at our local Early Years Centre on Tuesday.

    My post about the ankleless sock I made inspired me to make one with the ankle! I'm really, really pleased with myself because just a few months ago, I could hardly hold dpns, and tonight, after hand balling a skein of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in rainbow, I got this much done on a sock for Helena while watching the season premier of 24. WOW was that ever good!! So, yes, this is the cuff and the heel of the foot on my second sock ever.

    There's been more than knitting going on around here lately. It's the influence of Craftster, and my sister. We went to Michael's and found some cute felt.

    I made this little felt clutch for the 'bag a month craftalong'.

    And, since the felt was so great and I want to practice on my sewing machine as much as I possibly can, I also made this little pillow for my dear friend Cait.

    I've also been making capes for Richard, I'll take some photos of him in them tomorrow. :)
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    Oh wow, I have that exact same pink leapord print felt, and the thing I made with it looks almost the same as yours! LOL. Love the kitty fabric too :)
    MissMeshell from Craftster

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