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  • Thursday, January 19, 2006

    Subject: The Illusion Scarf is Under Way!

    I know I said that Chris' illusion scarf was put on hold, but last night, I examined the few rows I finished on it and discovered I was doing it wrong. So I ripped it out and started over, this time with a much better understanding of what I'm doing. Here we are so far:

    I think I'm going to do a pair of slippers, work on the scarf, go back to slippers, and back to the scarf again until all the late Chrismtas slippers are finished for our trip in a few weeks and then I'll work on the scarf/sock knitting practice until the Kitting Olympics begins. :) I'm way too excited about that.

    So, here's knitted item for Sudbury trip 2/5, ony three left to go.

    And, being the ambitious gal I am, I casted on this morning for knitted item for Sudbury trip 3/5. Yay for progress!

    I'm still sick, and I'm hoping that will be a decent enough reason for the husband that I have not done much cleaning at all today. I'll do the usual stuff that MUST be done, but I'm stopping there. Because, you know, I can sew/knit when I'm all sick and miserable, but somehow I can't vaccum. Can we agree on that please?
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    Tuesday, January 17, 2006

    Subject: 2006 Knitting Olympics!

    Wowee Zowee! The Knitting Olympics, hatched and managed by one of my idols, The Yarn Harlot, will be upon us shortly. Basically, you pick a knitting project that will challenge you, something you've never done maybe, or never done quickly, or maybe just something that usually muddles you and it must be done between the official beginning and the official ending of the Winter Olympics. Casting on takes place on Feb 10, at 2pm and must be finished before the flame goes out on Feb 26. I'm going to make a baby cardigan, and if I'm successful, perhaps I'll also attempt to make matching booties and a hat. I've never attempted anything with sleeves or armholes of any sort, so this is going to be a challenge, but I'm excited about it. I think I'm mostly excited to be part of something cooked up by the Harlot!

    As for my progress today, after much thought and consideration, I've ripped out what little progress I had made on Dann's first slipper. I'm sure it's possible to make a pair of slippers from sock yarn, I'm even fairly sure it's possible to do it with the pattern I adapted, but you need (at least what seems like) almost double the yarn, and they seem like they'd be too dainty. I'm going to stick to following patterns for the time being until I have a better grasp of reality. Having said that, Dann's slippers are now underway again, I'm more than halfway done the first slipper, and I've changed the pattern, just slightly, to be a little more 'Dann-like'. And now they're gray, which is a much better Dann colour anyway.

    Chris' illusion scarf has been moved to the back burner for the next week or so. I want this year to be the year that I start really focusing on my craftyness and I want every project I do to teach me something. And that's why I jumped in to doing the scarf and tinkering with socks for Helena. However, we are going up to Sudbury in a few weeks and I want to make sure all the knitted goodness I need for that trip (late Christmas gifts) is finished waaay ahead of time, so I have a few things on the needles to choose from on the loooong drive up there. After these slippers/scarves are finished, I'll launch back in to challenging knitting (starting with the baby cardigan for the Olympics!)
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    Subject: I'm sick
    And as a result, I'm feeling lazy about housework, and sort of inspired to just sit and knit all day.

    It's almost noon, and while there will surely be quite a lot of drink fetching (Richard's sick too, of course) and bottle feeding and diaper changing and the sort of thing that goes along with having a small child and a new baby, I hope to have at least one of Dann's slippers finished by dinner, and casting on for the second one would really make my day brighter. I've never made slippers from sock yarn and it's proving to be an insane task, it's just taking so freaking long.

    I may or may not attempt something else today. Richard wants me to make a parachute for one of his Batman toys, and I'm thinking about those unfinished capes. I'll switch to sewing if my hands start hurting again.
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    Sunday, January 15, 2006

    To keep me inspired, I was greeted by this, my order from Red Bird Knits in my mailbox. I love buying yarn from this online store. My sister and I first discovered this place at the craft show a few months ago. The yarns are always lovely and the shipping is fast. AND they're based in Toronto, but exist only online. I love it.

    Some progress, though not much, on Dann's first slipper. It's taking forever because usually I make these slippers from much thicker yarn, these I'm making from sock yarn. I picked sock yarn because it's so comfy and soft, and even though it's turning out to be much more work than I wanted it to be, I'm going to keep going.
    This is what it looked like when I was working on it at our local Early Years Centre on Tuesday.

    My post about the ankleless sock I made inspired me to make one with the ankle! I'm really, really pleased with myself because just a few months ago, I could hardly hold dpns, and tonight, after hand balling a skein of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in rainbow, I got this much done on a sock for Helena while watching the season premier of 24. WOW was that ever good!! So, yes, this is the cuff and the heel of the foot on my second sock ever.

    There's been more than knitting going on around here lately. It's the influence of Craftster, and my sister. We went to Michael's and found some cute felt.

    I made this little felt clutch for the 'bag a month craftalong'.

    And, since the felt was so great and I want to practice on my sewing machine as much as I possibly can, I also made this little pillow for my dear friend Cait.

    I've also been making capes for Richard, I'll take some photos of him in them tomorrow. :)
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