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  • Tuesday, January 24, 2006

    Subject: Yay I Finished It!

    I finished bag #2 for January in the Make a Bag a Month along. :D

    posted by Maytina @ 12:34 AM | 0 comments  

    Monday, January 23, 2006

    Subject: I'm Drawn to Craftster + Richard Gets Crafty!

    I'm obsessed with the concept of a Craftalong. Have I been living under a rock?! I have no idea how this got past me, but now that I know about it, I'm all over it. I've done one bag so far for the Bag a Month along, the pink animal print dealy I posted last weekend, and I'm so close to being finished bag #2 for January! See!

    On the left is what will be the handle, the body of the bag is folded in half on the right, and the green gingham will be the lining. I'm thinking about a wee pocket, but we'll see.

    I knit the pieces out of leftover Baby Lash in 'Girly' from this poncho I made for Helena, my concept of how the pieces would come together was way off, so this will not fit her until she is at least 18 months old. But it is cute.

    This afternoon, Richard suggested we paint. A few weeks ago at Dollarama, we picked up three unfinished wood boxes. Well, one's a box, one's a -- wait. I'll go take a pic. {....} There.

    I admit that photo is just as much about the sewing machine as it is about the boxes.

    Moving along, Richard painted a little on each of his two claimed boxes, but was much more interested in drawing the Green Lantern. Can't really argue with that.

    On to finish the bag and cast on some slippers. 24 is on in 10 minutes. :)

    Edit: 24 was on at 8, not 9, so we're going to sit here and sob for a while.

    I forgot to post pics of the Batman cape! I've gone mad!

    Keeping with the Craftalong thing, I've also jumped in one called the Super Hero Craftalong. Yay! Richard is full of ideas, so this should be fun!

    He is very, very excited about this. More capes will happen, I'm sure. The closure at the neck is velcro, because we're paranoid about it getting stuck on something.

    The third Craftalong I'm going to do is the Christmas one, where you make one type of thing a month, and you make a bunch of them. January is ornaments and I haven't made any, but I hope to tomorrow.
    posted by Maytina @ 8:18 PM | 0 comments