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  • Sunday, January 29, 2006

    Subject: Busybusybusy

    So we've been over my obesssion of craftalongs. They're fun and they help keep me inspired and on top of the things I'm wanting to make. It's reached a point where I try to fit knitting in to every craftalong! Richard has taken to more crafts than usual as well, maybe as a way to deal with mommy's overwhelming craftyness. All the projects pictured here has been done since my last post on the 23rd.

    First of all, this morning, with sleep in my eyes still I'm sure, I whipped up some of this to keep Richard happy. And it worked for almost 2 hours!

    Super Hero Craftalong

    Richard is all about capes these days. Everything in his life, he wants punctuated with a cape. Since Batman was first (posted below), he needed a Robin cape. Makes sense.

    So, to add to the Justice League, then I made him a Martian Manhunter cape:

    (He's very serious about these things...)

    Then, he needed a new Superman cape (though frankly, I think the old one was better). New Superman cape:

    Christmas All Year Craftalong - January = ornaments

    I wanted to make something mushy for my folks, and I haven't made them an ornament since I was a kid. This was made from a swing-out dollar store storage container, some tissue paper and some cute red ribbon. I put a photo of me, circa 1985, on one side and a photo of my sister, circa 1994, on the other side. I think it's cute. My side is the first photo.

    Also, I want to make a ton of little knitted ornaments. This was my first, for practice. I think if I put a snowflake or something like that on them they'll look festive enough to hang off things other than the tree, but we'll see. I had some issues joining the first sleeve, but I figured it out by the time I was joining the second one, so hopefully next time I'll get both sleeves right.

    Misc Stuff
    And this is a knit blog, after all, right?

    Knitted item for Sudbury trip 3/5 finished!
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