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  • Sunday, September 24, 2006

    Subject: Pictureless post!

    Every time I go to post and I don't yet have pictures of what I am writing about, I put off posting till I do the pics. I'm just going to update and maybe the typing will make me remember to take the pics.

    The list of crafted gear I want to get done for Christmas is silly. I seriously doubt that I'll get it all done, but I'll make sure to at least make something smallish and meaningful for everyone whose bigger creations arn't ready. It's a whole lot of knitting, but some general glue gun craftiness and sewing too.

    A little less than a year ago I picked up some wool to make Chris the Linux illusion scarf. It was going well, no dropped stitches or anything scary but I couldn't see a pattern coming out at all and I got discouraged. So I started working on Dann's Pirate Mittens from Hello Yarn. I adore using double pointed needles, so the wrist part knit up quickly, but when I got to the thumb I had no idea what to do. The directions are maybe written for someone who has more experience with reading patterns. It said to knit with some scrap yarn and then continue in the round. This threw me. So I stopped and decided I'd take it to The Knit Cafe for help, and then Helena found it when she discovered crawling and frogged it. In the spring I decided to start the mittens again and this time when I came to the thumb, I put the stitches on a holder and just kept knitting. When I was finished, I had a perfect handwarmer! NO THUMBHOLE. I didn't mess up on the pattern at all, so I'm happy about that, but it's going in the drawer with the ankle-less sock and I'm starting over AGAIN.

    Before I get back to the mitts though, I'd like to make a dent in the Linux scarf I originally bought the yarn for! This is going much better this time around and others have assured me that while I don't see an illusion, it's there. These are two gifts left over from *last* Christmas. Yikes.

    I've been wanting to make my mother a Christmas stocking for years and I've started a few times, but I want to cross stitch it and not only is it very time consuming, (no matter how good you get or how long you've been doing it, it just takes a whole lot of time), but it's very frustrating when you realize you've been using the wrong colour or that you've been a square off to the right for the last 30 stitches or so. I'm trying to be more patient with it, trying to remember that it'a much faster to take my time and triple check than it is to redo sections over and over because I ploughed through it.

    I'm not sure if this is crafty or not, but I've been glueing little folders into all of our children's books and tucking in index cards. At the top of the card is info on where we got the book and when, and then everytime I read it to the kids, I mark down the date and which child I read it to. Later, the kids can write this themselves when they've read the book. I thought of it after talking with my sister about her checking out books from the school library and finding my name on the index card in the back with a date from 8 years before. When I read certain Robert Munch stories to Richard now I can't help but remember reading them to him years ago when we lived in our house in Sudbury and I think it will be really neat to have a record like that.

    This afternoon I am making paper Supermen and bad guys with Richard. He is so torn between Superman and Spiderman it's hysterical.
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    Monday, February 13, 2006

    Subject: Catching up...

    The Knitting Olympics has been going for 4 days and I just casted on yesterday afternoon and I think I may have to either start over or adjust the pattern. Ther very little progress for you:

    Almost done my knitting for our trip to Sudbury. I am aware that the trip to Sudbury (last weekend in Feb +), is happening after the Knitting Olympics are over, but I feel like I can't concentrate when I know there's gift knitting that needs to be done. This would have been Knitted item for Sudbury trip 4/5 (with just a pair of birthday slippers left), but I've since realized that there were two other projects that I didn't realize fit in the same time frame for our visit, so it would have been 4/7 (adding a whispy scarf and pirate mitts to the birthday slippers). But there are also two birthdays that are happening between now and when we leave, and that needs to be addressed too (adding a Noro scarf and cute slippers to the previous list).

    So then, here is Knitted Item for Sudbury trip 4/9:

    With all this listing of what's necessary to bring on our trip, why on Earth would I knit something on another list for a package that's so late it's funny and doesn't really need to be done right away? Just the insanity peaking out again.

    Slippers for my friend Nichole's birthday in Jan. Happy Birthday Nichole!!

    I've been working really hard on getting Virus Zine ready for it's launch on April 1. Loads to do and lots of shows to go to, so I'm excited! Just wish more were all ages so Nikki could come too. The rest of the knitting I've done has been for tutorials for Virus.

    I will leave you with well wishes for your Olympic knitting and V-day, if that's your thing, and with this photo (the first time I ever tried to unroll a hank on my own - it's STILL on my yarn bin, it's not allowed in until it's a ball):

    Oh! And I started on Knitted Item for Sudbury Trip 9/9, totally overlooking items 5/9 through 8/9. Yeah, I'm sort of confused too.

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    Sunday, January 29, 2006

    Subject: Busybusybusy

    So we've been over my obesssion of craftalongs. They're fun and they help keep me inspired and on top of the things I'm wanting to make. It's reached a point where I try to fit knitting in to every craftalong! Richard has taken to more crafts than usual as well, maybe as a way to deal with mommy's overwhelming craftyness. All the projects pictured here has been done since my last post on the 23rd.

    First of all, this morning, with sleep in my eyes still I'm sure, I whipped up some of this to keep Richard happy. And it worked for almost 2 hours!

    Super Hero Craftalong

    Richard is all about capes these days. Everything in his life, he wants punctuated with a cape. Since Batman was first (posted below), he needed a Robin cape. Makes sense.

    So, to add to the Justice League, then I made him a Martian Manhunter cape:

    (He's very serious about these things...)

    Then, he needed a new Superman cape (though frankly, I think the old one was better). New Superman cape:

    Christmas All Year Craftalong - January = ornaments

    I wanted to make something mushy for my folks, and I haven't made them an ornament since I was a kid. This was made from a swing-out dollar store storage container, some tissue paper and some cute red ribbon. I put a photo of me, circa 1985, on one side and a photo of my sister, circa 1994, on the other side. I think it's cute. My side is the first photo.

    Also, I want to make a ton of little knitted ornaments. This was my first, for practice. I think if I put a snowflake or something like that on them they'll look festive enough to hang off things other than the tree, but we'll see. I had some issues joining the first sleeve, but I figured it out by the time I was joining the second one, so hopefully next time I'll get both sleeves right.

    Misc Stuff
    And this is a knit blog, after all, right?

    Knitted item for Sudbury trip 3/5 finished!
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    Tuesday, January 24, 2006

    Subject: Yay I Finished It!

    I finished bag #2 for January in the Make a Bag a Month along. :D

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    Monday, January 23, 2006

    Subject: I'm Drawn to Craftster + Richard Gets Crafty!

    I'm obsessed with the concept of a Craftalong. Have I been living under a rock?! I have no idea how this got past me, but now that I know about it, I'm all over it. I've done one bag so far for the Bag a Month along, the pink animal print dealy I posted last weekend, and I'm so close to being finished bag #2 for January! See!

    On the left is what will be the handle, the body of the bag is folded in half on the right, and the green gingham will be the lining. I'm thinking about a wee pocket, but we'll see.

    I knit the pieces out of leftover Baby Lash in 'Girly' from this poncho I made for Helena, my concept of how the pieces would come together was way off, so this will not fit her until she is at least 18 months old. But it is cute.

    This afternoon, Richard suggested we paint. A few weeks ago at Dollarama, we picked up three unfinished wood boxes. Well, one's a box, one's a -- wait. I'll go take a pic. {....} There.

    I admit that photo is just as much about the sewing machine as it is about the boxes.

    Moving along, Richard painted a little on each of his two claimed boxes, but was much more interested in drawing the Green Lantern. Can't really argue with that.

    On to finish the bag and cast on some slippers. 24 is on in 10 minutes. :)

    Edit: 24 was on at 8, not 9, so we're going to sit here and sob for a while.

    I forgot to post pics of the Batman cape! I've gone mad!

    Keeping with the Craftalong thing, I've also jumped in one called the Super Hero Craftalong. Yay! Richard is full of ideas, so this should be fun!

    He is very, very excited about this. More capes will happen, I'm sure. The closure at the neck is velcro, because we're paranoid about it getting stuck on something.

    The third Craftalong I'm going to do is the Christmas one, where you make one type of thing a month, and you make a bunch of them. January is ornaments and I haven't made any, but I hope to tomorrow.
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    Thursday, January 19, 2006

    Subject: The Illusion Scarf is Under Way!

    I know I said that Chris' illusion scarf was put on hold, but last night, I examined the few rows I finished on it and discovered I was doing it wrong. So I ripped it out and started over, this time with a much better understanding of what I'm doing. Here we are so far:

    I think I'm going to do a pair of slippers, work on the scarf, go back to slippers, and back to the scarf again until all the late Chrismtas slippers are finished for our trip in a few weeks and then I'll work on the scarf/sock knitting practice until the Kitting Olympics begins. :) I'm way too excited about that.

    So, here's knitted item for Sudbury trip 2/5, ony three left to go.

    And, being the ambitious gal I am, I casted on this morning for knitted item for Sudbury trip 3/5. Yay for progress!

    I'm still sick, and I'm hoping that will be a decent enough reason for the husband that I have not done much cleaning at all today. I'll do the usual stuff that MUST be done, but I'm stopping there. Because, you know, I can sew/knit when I'm all sick and miserable, but somehow I can't vaccum. Can we agree on that please?
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    Tuesday, January 17, 2006

    Subject: 2006 Knitting Olympics!

    Wowee Zowee! The Knitting Olympics, hatched and managed by one of my idols, The Yarn Harlot, will be upon us shortly. Basically, you pick a knitting project that will challenge you, something you've never done maybe, or never done quickly, or maybe just something that usually muddles you and it must be done between the official beginning and the official ending of the Winter Olympics. Casting on takes place on Feb 10, at 2pm and must be finished before the flame goes out on Feb 26. I'm going to make a baby cardigan, and if I'm successful, perhaps I'll also attempt to make matching booties and a hat. I've never attempted anything with sleeves or armholes of any sort, so this is going to be a challenge, but I'm excited about it. I think I'm mostly excited to be part of something cooked up by the Harlot!

    As for my progress today, after much thought and consideration, I've ripped out what little progress I had made on Dann's first slipper. I'm sure it's possible to make a pair of slippers from sock yarn, I'm even fairly sure it's possible to do it with the pattern I adapted, but you need (at least what seems like) almost double the yarn, and they seem like they'd be too dainty. I'm going to stick to following patterns for the time being until I have a better grasp of reality. Having said that, Dann's slippers are now underway again, I'm more than halfway done the first slipper, and I've changed the pattern, just slightly, to be a little more 'Dann-like'. And now they're gray, which is a much better Dann colour anyway.

    Chris' illusion scarf has been moved to the back burner for the next week or so. I want this year to be the year that I start really focusing on my craftyness and I want every project I do to teach me something. And that's why I jumped in to doing the scarf and tinkering with socks for Helena. However, we are going up to Sudbury in a few weeks and I want to make sure all the knitted goodness I need for that trip (late Christmas gifts) is finished waaay ahead of time, so I have a few things on the needles to choose from on the loooong drive up there. After these slippers/scarves are finished, I'll launch back in to challenging knitting (starting with the baby cardigan for the Olympics!)
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    Subject: I'm sick
    And as a result, I'm feeling lazy about housework, and sort of inspired to just sit and knit all day.

    It's almost noon, and while there will surely be quite a lot of drink fetching (Richard's sick too, of course) and bottle feeding and diaper changing and the sort of thing that goes along with having a small child and a new baby, I hope to have at least one of Dann's slippers finished by dinner, and casting on for the second one would really make my day brighter. I've never made slippers from sock yarn and it's proving to be an insane task, it's just taking so freaking long.

    I may or may not attempt something else today. Richard wants me to make a parachute for one of his Batman toys, and I'm thinking about those unfinished capes. I'll switch to sewing if my hands start hurting again.
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